The Lonely Intellectual Traveler

traveries lonely traveler

You can usually recognize them. Silent, polite, slow-walking and never the ones to push their way into a tourist trap. 

They slowly walk up to a point of interest with a soft smile, as if silently celebrating a personal achievement. With a selfie to scenic shot ratio of about 1:100, these wanderers are the most silent of visitors yet the loudest of raconteurs. Whether their new found perception of a nation or culture is for the positive or the negative, they tend to express their experiences in post-visit days, during their jobs, in their dialogues with neighbors and during activities within their circle of trust.
It is those lonely nomads, the followers of the traditions of Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo, that need to be reached out to bridge ever dividing rifts and to help bring peoples together. Their numbers are increasing but their silence is ever so displeasing.

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