My Lonely Road to Oaxaca: Puerto Escondido

After parting ways with my new friends Paola, Marina and Moshe, I headed my way to my last destination, Puerto Escondido. Around an hour drive by bus, which a kind old lady guided me to, I went on in search of a hostel Paola had told me about. This was another in a group of run-down, worn-out, dirty, sandy, quaint hostels to scratch off of my bucket list of “living life while hippie”.

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My Lonely Road to Oaxaca: Mazunte

Next stop was Mazunte, probably my favorite town out of all of them. Arriving there with a colectivo and no knowledge of where to stay, I bumped into this sandy hostel owned by an Argentinian couple whom on a whim to leave there jobs down in Argentina and live in Mexico, had bought it blindly 3 months earlier through a website.

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My Lonely Road to Oaxaca: Zipolite

If you need somewhere to lay low, get away from civilization and rest your mind, anywhere in Oaxaca is a safe bet. Being that Oaxaca is a very large state though, let’s focus on the coastal region. Beach, sun, surf, huts, Australians, what more could you want?

When I went there, I went just for that. The escape. I needed time for myself and with myself, and being as short on cash as I was, having started a new job with very little pay; I bought a bus ticket to San Pedro Pochutla, rather than flying. Have in mind that that’s a 13-hour bumpy drive, against a 45-minute trip.  But, what was I going to do? With my backpack, wannabe Go-Pro camera, and no laptop with me, I traveled on.

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Turkey: 2 Week Roadtrip

Feeling like adventurous, in the mood of exploring nature, culture, history and food; ever thought of being in two different continents in one single country?

Any age is adequate to have a great experience while venturing into the unknown, the mysterious and the amazing surprises that traveling can give you while exploring new places. Turkey is an amazing country that holds one of the most ancient cultures of the world, along with all its story and traditions. And 2 weeks around it is not enough to get to know it, but at least enough to have a taste of the wonders of this Europe-Asian country.

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Outsider at Mexico City

“Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente” is a saying that many Mexicans would agree with, especially the chilangitos of Mexico City, who live in the fast life of a metropolitan city and do not have the time to attach themselves to anything…

However, as an outsider, the moment you visit the city and get close to its people, no matter how far you go, a piece of your heart will always yearn to go back…

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The Bund: Where IChing meets IPad

The Bund

Travel magazines usually have two approaches when portraying this part of “the Hai”. They either show you pictures representing the rise of the city as a metropolis with a back drop of elegantly dressed Chinese practicing Tai Chi, or as a smogged up, heavily polluted river that represents all the ills of the city with a further Chinese amateurish attempt at 21st century urbanism.

Truth is, pictures are deceptive and  are usually captured through a uni-purpose lens. The feeling of approaching the bund depends on three variables: where you approach it from, what time of day and what time of year. There is the occasional outlier event such as the unfortunate event of the 2014 stampede that saw the departing of 36 souls that could change your experience on the bund from everybody else.

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Where to Next?

Traveling is part of my DNA.


Born in New York City, grew up in Mexico City, raised by a Greek Mother and a Spanish Father. In a nutshell, I’m from all over the place so as you can understand, being thrust from one place to another, my identity was not only formed by the never-ending question “who am I?” but by asking, “where to next?”

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